Other Mothers Animal Angels
SPECIAL THANK YOU from Other Mothers To Our 'Animal Angels'

There are a lot of people and agencies that have made it possible for Other Mothers to exist.

We'd like to thank the following for their contributions to helping us:

The Standard Insurance
Capital Pacific Bank
Compassion for Animals Foundation
Ricky Wilkins and Willow Hyatt
Robin Diaz
Carla Veneziale
Scott Buckley
Marnell McClenaghan
Chris Bachman
Karen Raya
Jennifer Cho
Dan Brennan
Darin Short
Colin Ryono
Pete Climer
Jan Crispin

Again, THANK YOU, and if you'd like to help in the safety and well being of
dogs and cats in the Portland area, just
click here for more information.
Other Mothers
Animal Angels
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